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The DNA-SEQ Alliance™ has developed a unique filtering technology. The methodology is based on our extensive crystallography expertise and has been tested over the last 20 years including the co-development of Gleevec™.

Many personalized medicine approaches today rely solely on what are called actionable gene panels. These actionable gene panels contain unique combinations that enable us to identify which mutations can best guide us in the selection of targeted therapy for the cancer. 

This efficient, rapid screening has made tremendous inroads in the field of personalized medicine with commendable success in treatment.

DNA-SEQ’s™ goal is to extend personalized medicine into the realm of high precision medicine, specifically high precision oncology.

Our crystal structure based filtering technology, coupled with our extensive crystal library enables a more highly precise dimension to the search for targeted therapies.

DNA-SEQ’s proprietary filtering methodology enables us to identify and to discard mutations that are not actionable.  This intensifies our focus on the truly actionable mutations.

Filtering Process

  1. Enhance the panels provided by our pipeline.  Our focus requires the entire kinome, including the 518 members that have been documented as containing the highest density of drug target objectives.
  2. Search through the existing structures in our library to identify kinase communication modules and to identify mutations, within those modules, that most impact the kinome cell signaling communication network.
  3. Filter the entire exome though our expanded crystal structure library that encompasses all available structures. 
  4. Identify the structure-based actionable signature for each cancer patient and to apply the fastest screening possible that can precisely identify inhibitor for the activated mutations kinase target embedded in our actionable signature. 

Crystallographic precision leads us to efficacy.