Our Approach

In the era of personalized medicine there exists the possibility of bringing a whole new level of precision to the process of cancer diagnostics, treatment and drug discovery. This requires unique capabilities. Developing those capabilities is the mission of DNA-SEQ.

Historically, we have learned that all disruptive capabilities are created by unique combinations of previous innovations. Exponential growth seems to be a general feature of complex systems.

In our effort to grow exponential capabilities DNA-SEQ has combined a set of interdisciplinary innovations. We are leveraging innovations on critical scientific frontiers in a unified effort to create disruptive capabilities in cancer treatment and drug discovery.

DNA-SEQ combines innovations in the following areas to enrich our data streams:

  • Rapid Genome Sequencing
  • Precise Genome Analysis
  • Mapping Mutations to Aberrations in Molecular Structures

In the era of Precision Medicine one of the biggest challenges is to make use of all the data. Gathering masses of data is one thing, but processing it for precision targeting pushes the boundaries of classical systems. The computing constraints tend to limit the data gathering and analysis cycles, producing a less precise target.

Precision demands that we make highest and best use of the flood of genomic data that we are now able to gather. To attain that increase in precision requires disruptive compute capabilities.

DNA-SEQ combines innovations in the following areas to enrich our targeting mechanism:

  • Machine Learning
  • (Big Data) Cloud Computing
  • Quantum Computing.

The organizing vision of the DNA-SEQ Alliance is that profound breakthroughs in cancer treatment are now possible. Our goals are to enhance the implementation of more precisely targeted therapies and to increase the efficacy of the process.

The DNA-SEQ Alliance is a scientific task force whose sole purpose is to provide oncologists a technological support system to practice a more precise brand of personalized medicine.

Transforming cancer into a manageable disease.