Board of Directors

Janusz M. Sowadski, PhD., CSO

Janusz Sowadski was trained as a protein crystallographer - a scientist focused on the crystal structures of proteins as well as structure-based drug design - and the modeling of signaling molecules (kinases and phosphatases). Mr. Sowadski’s crystallographic team in La Jolla, sponsored by the University of California at San Diego, “solved” the first structure of protein kinases in 1991, which in turn established a firm structural foundation for the entire extended family of specific cancer cell inhibitors that exists today. This work was awarded the U.S. Supercomputing Award conferred annually by the U.S. Supercomputing Society to an individual or team who has done the most in the prior year to advance the field of supercomputing.

Mr. Sowadski was also a critical member of the team of industry scientists assembled by Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis AG Basel) who together designed the first three-dimensional model of an inhibitor/protein kinase complex, and this model led to the design of Gleevec, the most effective targeted oncology drug used in the treatment of a form of leukemia (CML) and stomach cancer (GIST).

Gleevec is among the top 30-revenue-producing pharmaceuticals in the world today. After these achievements, Mr. Sowadski co-founded two successful ventures, one of which was focused on small-molecule drugs in the field of protein kinase inhibition, and the other focused on cancer diagnostic and cancer therapeutic platforms.

Mr. Sowadski received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Warsaw University (Poland), and an M.S. in Biophysics from the University of Virginia. He also completed post-doctoral work at Yale University. He has held research faculty positions at the University of California, San Diego and at Tufts University.

Eric Ladizinsky, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at D-WAVE

Eric Ladizinsky is a senior scientific management executive with a strong background in physics, engineering, materials, and manufacturing.  He brings specific expertise in multi-disciplinary R&D, technical team building, creation and management of infrastructure, and convergence of R&D efforts with full-scale manufacturing.  At Northrop Grumman Space Technology (formerly, TRW, Inc.), he ran a multi-million dollar DARPA program in Quantum Computing using superconducting integrated circuit technology.  Mr. Ladizinsky leads D-Wave’s technical effort to develop the superconducting integrated circuit fabrication process and has introduced industrial optimization practices for high yields, including construction of custom vacuum systems, automated testing infrastructure, and specialized low noise electronics. 

Mr. Ladizinsky is also an Adjunct Professor of Physics at Loyola Marymount University, where he has taught courses including classical mechanics, electromagnetic theory and quantum theory.

Mr. Ladizinsky has a BSc. Physics and Mathematics degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.  He has 3 granted U.S patents covering advanced superconducting IC processes and new materials development.

Thomas M. Wheeler, M.D.

Thomas M. Wheeler, M.D., is an internationally recognized pathologist known for his expertise in prostate cancer.  He is the W. L. Moody, Jr., Professor and Chair, Department of Pathology & Immunology at Baylor College of Medicine.  He is actively involved with the CancerGenetics Laboratory (CGL) at Baylor, a leading laboratory with cutting edge technology in molecular cancer diagnostics.  He is the past chair of the Council on Scientific Affairs for the College of American Pathologists.  He has authored approximately 300 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, most dealing with prostate cancer.

David Doyle, Co-Founder and CEO

David is a Co-Founder of a Los Angeles based technology group developing proprietary IP in three areas of digital technology that were designed to increase the efficiencies of the server side hardware infrastructure, enrich the user experience through client side software, and enhance search methodologies by implementing cognitive resources to the management of data.