About Us

DNA-SEQ is both a scientific task force and a collaborative technology group. Our purpose is to enable oncologists to provide their patients a choice that heretofore, didn’t exist. In the era of personalized medicine, cancer will become manageable. The questions are clear, the data is flowing, and the collaborative possibilities are unparalleled.

DNA-SEQ provides an interface that coordinates the efforts of a cross-disciplinary network of companies, individuals, and institutions that can provide oncologists and pharmaceutical companies a more precise methodology to diagnose, treat, and inhibit cancer. The DNA-SEQ Alliance is our collaborative pipeline of companies that assure us a second-to-none intelligence gathering process to inform our final crystallographic analysis. We offer a unique synthesis of science, medicine, and information technology.

Our mission is to reduce the time between emerging science and medical practice by providing oncologists a unique genomic data gathering, analysis and targeting service.

DNA-SEQ provides reports to oncologists to more precisely match the patient’s genomic profile with targeted therapies. The report is designed to both enhance the oncologist’s traditional cancer treatment decisions and to dramatically expand the treatment options that can be offered to the patient.

The precision of our process is sharpened by our focus on crystallography as the optimal methodology to pin point the position of the cancerous mutation within a three-dimensional structure. DNA-SEQ’s crystal structure screen provides unmatched precision for matching a drug to a mutation.


  1. Irrelevant mutations are discarded.
  2. Available drugs can be optimally matched to the 3D structure based functionality of the mutation. This level of precision validates the efficacy of the available drugs and or molecules in clinical trials.
  3. Reduces the number of patients required to validate the companion diagnostics.
  4. Randomized trials can be replaced by precision-based companion diagnostic tools.


  1. Precise crystal structure modeling protocols magnify an oncologist’s ability to match available treatment with a patient’s personal genetic make up.
  2. Due to the significantly reduced number of patients required for trials, drug development will be accelerated at a reduced cost.

For the Oncologist, DNA-SEQ provides a powerful diagnostic and treatment tool. For the pharmaceutical companies DNA-SEQ provides an accelerator for rational drug discovery. And for the patient DNA-SEQ provides hope for the future.